About me


Creating to discover, affirm and reveal who you really are to the world. Seeing a canvas as an empty mirror facing the artist’s soul. Thinking of each artwork as a struggle to give that mirror a reflection. That is how I approach art.
For that purpose I often treat my artistic subjects as vessels in which I pour all the emotions that drive me, allowing me to better understand them, control them, but also communicate them within our society.
Whilst these vessels often take the shape of a human figure, my art is essentially a brief accumulation of lines, shapes and colors colliding together to take form. It is by making use of my gesture and riding the line between figurative and abstract that I bring those elements together, aiming to both express myself, and symbolizing Man not just as a physical body but as a spiritual and emotional being.

My work with the human figure is also closely tied to live models – to the intricate relationship between the artist and his subject. It is an attempt to explore the deep bond between our unconscious self-image, and our attempts to depict others. Therefore, what I’m looking for with live models is not anatomy or morphology, but rather an intimate meeting with the rhythms, the attitude, and the spirit. A silent conversations that teaches us as much about ourselves than it does about others.


The way I work is defined by sudden bursts of spontaneity and movement during which I focus on the gesture and lack of restraints. I consider these moments of freedom as the core of my work : a pillar to build upon.
Therefore I will often make use of scaffolding – preparation layers which will setup the important moment.
Then, in the aftermath, I will be trying to harmonize and find balance in what was done, without however compromising or cheapening the initial act.
This approach has been leading me to seek larger and larger formats with which I could use my entire body to express myself.
Finally, I explain the importance I give to freedom and spontaneity in my work as being directly tied with my desire to explore the unconscious and other hidden depths of the individual.


In my paintings I use acrylics to have a better control on drying times, and pastel which allows me to stay close to my natural inclination towards drawing.
I always use a Gesso with acrylics, for more matter to work with, and more time to shape it to my liking before it dries. Outside of preparation layers, I mostly use knives over brushes – or custom self made wooden tools.
When painting with pastels I use gouache which allows me to texture my work and quickly cover surfaces with minimal effort. As for drawing, pastels have allowed me to explore colors freely whilst still being able to draw powerful lines.
I also make great use of Indian Ink. Its richness when undiluted allows me to imbue my gesture with strength, life and permanence. It also provides me with the ability to have a wide range of line-weight without needing to change tools or interrupt my movement, which I use to my advantage when trying to capture the rhythms of a pose.